Outrage over Shell South Africa fracking

The rally to begin fracking in South Africa began earlier this month, and the quest was progressing with minimal opposition, until recently. CNN reported on Friday about the anti-fracking campaign that is taking the nation by storm.

Citizens opposed to fracking are mainly concerned with water contamination in an already water scarce country.

The plans to drill, backed largely by Shell South Africa, would be done in the semi-desert region, the Karoo. This quiet and majestic location is also one of the driest parts of the country, and if anything threatens the water supply system the entire community could be at a very serious risk.

Bonang Mohale, chairman of Shell South Africa, said, “The risks to the environment are well understood, well articulated and I think they can be totally and utterly mitigated, especially the issues of water contamination, the aquifers, and the scarcity of water.” The company also assures residents of surrounding areas that drilling will give their towns an economic boost.

The South African government has put a hold on administering fracking licenses until a more comprehensive study has been completed, which could be by the end of March.

Satellite map of Karoo region


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